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Since its inception in 1995, the Rumson Education Foundation (REF) and our generous benefactors have raised over $2.0 million dollars for the Deane Porter and Forrestdale schools.

The REF’s grants and projects provide new and innovative educational tools, technologies, and programs that would not otherwise be possible due to school budgetary constraints. Our REF grants have facilitated the implementation of Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT) and the Google campus through the funding of Chrome books & wireless technology upgrades. Through the overwhelming generousity of the REF community we have contributed toward the creation of a state-of-the-art science lab, cutting-edge technology in the classrooms, music & art equipment, and many more significant educational programs.

When you support the REF you support EVERY STUDENT in the district. Please join us in our mission by becoming a member of REF, donating to the Foundation, or volunteering for our cause to increase the educational values of our schools. Click here to become a member.

Mission Statements

The Rumson Education Foundation is dedicated to enhancing the educational experience of all Deane-Porter and Forrestdale School students. Through community fundraising and an annual collaborative grant making process, the REF provides funding for innovative projects, initiatives and equipment that enrich the curriculum and the learning environment within the Rumson School District.

Quotes from Grant Recipients

Deane Porter Kindergarten Teachers:
We love our ASUS tablets. We have incorporated them into our math and reading curriculum. We use RAZ-Kids on our tablets for differentiated reading. Students use them during Centers to continue their learning and to play games.

Amy Lepping, Forrestdale Art Teacher:
The laptop, television, and HDMI cable have made an enormous difference in the art room. I can do everything from show videos of certain techniques with materials we are using, play slide shows of our students' work on Artsonia, watch artists working, or even take virtual tours through museums to see particular works of art that we are studying. The fourth graders recently watched Alexander Calder playing with his circus for our Calder inspired circus sculptures. They were able to see how much fun he was having with his work, and it made our project more fun as well!

One of my favorite uses, however, is showing slide shows that include information and steps that I want them to learn during a project. Not only does this save me time because I don't have to draw or write things out on the board for every class, but it ensures that I don't leave anything out. The kids can refer back to various steps throughout class as well. Thank you so much for your generosity!

Robin Yaeger, Deane Porter Art Teacher:
I am truly grateful to the REF for giving the art program the kiln! I don't know what I'd do without it. I applied for the kiln I think my second year at Rumson. I've been here 15 years...time flies! The kiln has been an integral part of the art program at Deane-Porter school. It has provided our students with the opportunity to understand the creative process of ceramics, understand the difference between functional and non-functional art and of course create beautiful and treasured artwork. The students absolutely love creating with clay, it is a highlight to their year in the art room. I also have facilitated a ceramics club for the third grade students for the past 10 plus years. This gives students the opportunity to experiment with clay and create even more pieces of cherished artwork.

Michael Snyder, Supervisor of Special Services:
Thank you so much for supporting our students. The Chromebooks are excellent assistive technology (AT) that help students with special needs access curriculum and information. The Google Apps and Extensions provide many supports to students with learning challenges. There are specialized web apps, screen readers, text-to-speech and speech-to-text, screen magnifies, curriculum resources, lesson ideas, collaboration tools and so much more. Chromebooks also allow students to access additional resources to support their learning and address their individual needs.


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“The Rumson Education Foundation aims to strengthen our community's commitment to education
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